Blooms & Illusions

About Us

Hey there! My name is Chrishawna and I’m a 24 year old momma to the sweetest, yet CRAZIEST 2 year old little boy.

I started this business because I remember how nervous I was going out in public alone with my son, especially at night. I was CONSTANTLY looking over my shoulder.

I'm often told that I'm dramatic and even "over protective"

I'd like to say that I'm alert.

The thing is, you see and hear all these stories on the news about kids coming up missing, women/men being beaten, killed, tortured or raped.

Personally, I grew up in an area that wasn't the safest.

I, myself, have experienced uncomfortable situations where men have stopped to ask if I wanted a ride and even following me after I've declined multiple times. I've been harassed at gas stations. I've been a victim of SA. I know other women and men have been in similar situations. We NEED to be able to go places without having to worry and look over our shoulders 24/7. 

My goal is to make defense products fun & stylish. I try to make products that everyone will love, but if you don't see something that catches your eye, or if you have an idea that you'd like to see, reach out and let me know! I make these products for you guys so your feedback is important to me!


Stay safe, and in style.